The words of the prophet

G. Edward Griffin, a staunch anti Communist, made many television presentations warning the American people about the evils of Communism in America.  This is just one of them.  Today it is heart breaking to realize that this presentation was made in April 3, 1969 and see where we are today.


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Decline and Fall

At the moment a great deal of the American political system is in the grip of the followers of a 19th century millennial cult devised by an eccentric visionary who thought that by adding the word “scientific” to his theory of a collectivist totalitarian utopia he could not only convince people that it would work, but that it would work in fact.  Marx was correct in the former assumption, he has certainly been proved right about how willing people are to swallow his guff, but he was wrong about the latter assumption, namely that it would work.  Over the course of a century and a half since the publication of Marx’s Capital and the promulgation of the Communist Manifesto millions of human beings on every continent have reduced themselves and their fellows to misery, beggary and room temperature giving it the old collectivist try.

In the contest of ideas to elevate mankind all flavors of Marxism have yet to score.  Marx: 0, just about anything and everything else: 999+.  Despite that every single time Marx’s followers end up in charge their most notable accomplishments are terror, mass murder, famine and failure, there always seem to be new bunch of chumps willing to step up to the plate and do it again.

In contemporary America the chumps are called by various names: Liberals that hate liberty, Progressives that are regressive, Socialists that are sociopaths, and Democrats that pine for totalitarian dictatorship.  These sad and self obsessed cultists seem to have the upper hand in many respects as their devotees have multiplied, infiltrated positions in every cultural institution and turned those institutions into, if not full blown Temples of Darkness, at least into Chapels of Gloom and Shrines of Shadow.

For those of us who are lovers of of Constitutional Day and are paying attention, the spreading of the Marxist Shade is both distressing and frightening.  As awful as things are likely to get in the short term, however, we need not fear the ultimate triumph of the Shade.  For in the long run they cannot win, their victories are always temporary and ephemeral.

Because their whole agenda is based on what is not real, on the imaginary and false ideas of a failed faith, they cannot be sustained for any length of time.  However strong the Marxists may be, it costs more to maintain the illusion that their system is working than the system can produce.  Mass murder, terror, famine and failure cannot be papered over with slogans and lies no matter how brutally enforced; the truth will out.  When it does the whole rotten edifice comes tumbling down.

Regardless of the ignorance of the mass of brainwashed trolls and their commitment to believing the lies their foul faith propounds, they know this.  They know that they strive and lie and cheat and steal and kill for a prize that will turn to dust and ashes shortly after they have seized it.  We have seen this many times before, they are learning it anew in Venezuela today.  They know it, and the closer they advance toward their goal, the more afraid they become.  Apocalypse cometh.

The more afraid they become the more they project their fear on to us who oppose them.  The more vile and brutal and noisome they become, the more they accuse us of what they know themselves to be, that which they cannot admit consciously even to themselves.  They are the vanguard of disaster, the champions of catastrophe.

Their triumph, should Americans allow it to come, will be nasty, ugly, brutish and short.  Then America will, as have other failed Communist dictatorships before, revert to their natural national character; witness Russia, China, East Germany.  America will do the same, revert to our natural national character, which regards tyranny and collectivism as unmitigated evils to be shunned.

We will win, no matter what they do.  We will win.

Which does  not by any stretch of the imagination mean that we get to rest on our future laurels.  On the contrary, the battle is on now, our duty to further that victory is urgent and cannot wait.  These poor pages are offered in the hope of keeping the reader informed, focused and encouraged.  The harder we fight today the sooner that victory comes about, the less misery and horror we will have to endure.

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Prisoner swap

Historically, prisoner exchanges are not unusual in time of war.  The trade off between returning paroled veterans to an enemy in exchange for your own and the necessity of guarding and feeding them in your rear areas must be carefully considered in light of the conditions on the battlefield.  Modern “hot” wars do not lend themselves to such exchanges, the preferred method being to intern enemy soldiers for the duration.  Which does not mean that what is ‘preferred’ always, or even mostly, what actually happens.

In our current ‘kinetic military action’ against fanatical Islam no captured American has survived very long, they are either tortured and killed on the spot or are made to star in a beheading video.  In this respect Bergdahl is exceptional, starting from apparently having walked away from his post leaving all his equipment behind to his having survived five years in Taliban captivity.  I won’t speculate on why that should be, but based on what we’ve heard I am not inclined to grant him much benefit of the doubt.

Be that as it may, the Obama administration’s actions are clear.  This is another, bold, step along the road from Constitutional rule of law to dictatorial tyranny with a detour into treason.  Treason in that Obama, our murderous prince of peace, has again acted unilaterally directly against the explicit law of the land which requires him to obtain Congressional approval to do this kind of thing.  Treason in that the administration clearly had to have negotiated with the enemy, even if through intermediaries, to have arranged this swap.  Treason in freeing no fewer than five high level enemy commanders for one low level enlisted man he certainly provided aid and comfort to the enemy he consistently denies his purported countrymen.  Treason in having pursued a ‘war of necessity’ in a manner best designed to weaken America’s armed forces in exchange for nothing at all.

Meanwhile, as of this writing, Congress lies supine either in tacit support of fundamentally undermining America for fear of being called racist if they don’t like the deal, or because they are fully in sympathy with the administration’s aims or they are setting party above the nation they have sworn to serve.  No matter how you cut it Congress has earned the opprobrium it gets, and more.

Remember back in the day when radical Islamists would capture some hapless American somewhere and hold him for ransom?  We used to pay, until somebody figured out that all we were doing was incentivizing more kidnappings.  One we stopped paying the kidnappings stopped too.  Now, thanks to the Obama administration every American anywhere in the world once again has a price on his head again.

We can look forward to more kidnapped Americans, more illegal, unopposed executive action, more erosion of American morale by both military and civilians, more subversion of the law, in a word, more, much more failure.The Left tells us that we should be proud (or else suffer the consequences) because we have made Progress!  As it increasingly abandons the founding principles in favor of alien ideas and ways of doing things, this administration it is clear that their legitimacy rests not on the Constitution and rule of law, but ultimately on the power that can only come from the barrel of a gun. Government by, for and of the people is a thing of the past.

I, all of us, have become prisoners of a Socialist tyranny.  Sometimes I wish somebody would exchange me back into the land of the free.  But there is no extrinsic power that can make that exchange. We the People have that power, power that is ours by inherent right.  It is up to us to recognize it, seize it, exercise it and compel the tyrants to yield and flee.

Americans!  You have nothing to lose but your chains!

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The shape of the hole

We now know that the Benghazi disaster was not caused by a puerile anti Islamic video.  What we do know is that whatever the cause, the blame was ascribed to the video was a feint, a lie, concocted in and promulgated by the White House.  It was a stalking horse designed to draw attention from, well, that’s the question, isn’t it.  With the revelation that the entire thing was stage managed by the administration no one yet knows what it was designed to draw attention away from.  At least part of the purpose was to insure that Barack Hussein Obama would be re-elected in 2012.

Whatever it was, the Administration and it’s officials, from the President, to Susan Rice, to Hillary Clinton, were in on it.  But, one might ask, what difference at this point does it make?

Wouldn’t we like to know?

Well, we might not know the details of what is supposed to be concealed, but we do know the shape of the deception, and, thanks to the internet and internet sleuths, some of its component parts and heretofore unknown and unsuspected deceivers.    Your humble correspondent is no such sleuth, I let others do the heavy sleuthing, and bring what they have found to you, dear readers.

So I direct your attention to one of the most eminent brainiacs on the internet, Richard Fernandez’ excellent The Belmont Club and some of his attentive readers and commenters.  In particular, Buddy Larsen whom I shamelessly quote below.

wretchard intones the descending bells tolling on down into the revelations. There is a topper, or a bottomer as it were. I’m gonna list a few URLs pointing it out, but first, remember this:

This is the smoking gun email writer’s brother’s company (he’s CBS CEO) doing something very very strange, so strange that it seems just too strange to believe, which must be what CBS had in mind, that is to say, the story behind the story that turns out to be a con job that fooled CBS into thinking, for a little while, until the truth came out, that the Obama admin might have been wrong, but honestly wrong, about the interpretation of the story, or was that the story of the interpretation, hmm. Hell i can’t remember, can’t keep it all straight, what, who, why would that guy…no not him, that OTHER guy, wait. Oh hell, the hell with it.

Yup, CBS picked the Cairo rape victim to (pick one):

A) do the story that then turned out to have been bogus, or

B) do a story that CBS knew was bogus, in order to “be forced by late revelation to retract” –and thereby kill by association the whole notion of the conspiracy of which it knew the CEO’s brother was up over his eyeballs involved in –and chose Logan because no one would EVER believe that CBS would rape a rape victim. And then fire her, and her producer.

Not sure i can believe it –but there it is. Oh, all the dirt goes away, if you believe that the smoking gun email writer just revealed, did not tell his brother what was going on.

okay, this is difficult, the choosing of URLs to take Wretchard’s ‘and what’s even worse’ review of Roger Simon’s column down even deeper. Although this material is all over the net, it is clustered in the 2012-2013 dates, and tho some trustworthies such as American Thinker and Free Republic (and others) have posted on it, the best way to take you through it i think is to put up six URLs.

The first one is a Bing search, because you see the terms clearly in a Bing search URL. It’s just to show context –the same terms in Google offer many more hits, 5 something million.

The second is a Doug Hagmann report in Canada Free Press, from February 2013.

The third, from September 2012 is the one of the six to scan, if that will be your time limit on this mtrl. Near the bottom, it introduces the Montagraph video.

The fourth IS the Montagraph video. Please ignore the guy’s wacko persona appearance, and listen to what he says. The Freepers have and are impressed, with several long threads available on same. Just give him 4 minutes, then decide if you want to hear the next 16.

The fifth is another Bing, see the terms for yourself, to scan for context.

The sixth is a youtube from Australia, two minutes and change, entertainingly introducing you to Serco down under. What you learn there applies also to USA, the horizontal and vertical both, tho at a lower penetration for the time being.


i know, two more is eight and wholly gratuitous sadism. But here is a new outfit composed of the bosses of the two passport breachers and the deep producers of the Benghazi video re Montagraph & Hagmann (remember, The Analysis Corp changed name to Sotero Defense Solutions –Taquiya to SDS? cute, no?):

…and here is their official money partner:

Is this a hump of that thing out there emerging from the sea? I’d say, you bet your sweet patootie it is!

Read the Wikis on ‘Regulatory Capture’ and ‘Regime Uncertainty’

That’s key –CGI bought out one of the passport breach companies in spring of 2010, for $1bbl cash. So CGI bought the company that purloined the passport evidence. The other passport breach company, Brennan’s ‘The Analysis Corp’, changed name to Sotera Defense Solutions, as Brennan took leave for Obama’s National Security team.

Then Obama awards CGI a virtually no-bid contract to do the website –despite CGI’s terrible record on far smaller IT projects for Canada (performance not needed? Why? Extortion or bribery derived contracts?), and pays them $1bbl or $1.5bbl –and proceeds to do zero milepost oversight until the rollout comes.

CGI’s work gets certified for rollout by an all-gov government contracter named Mitre Corp –the secretive outfit John Wheeler was working for when someone killed him and dumped him in a NJ landfill New Year’s night 2010-2011.

(Meanwhile, the casting call for ‘The Desert Warrior’ goes out early summer of 2011)

October 2013, experts looking at the rolled-out ACA product say a straight IT would’ve charged around a million bucks for the work. So CGI was overpaid by 1,499 times.

Then on July 4th 2013 he awards CGI controller Serco of UK (July 4th, another little joke!) the paper records admin part of ACA plus the determination of ACA subsidy payables per individual, for another $1.25 billion, no-bid.

No US companies need apply, i guess. Wonder why? Ease of kickbacks?

Today, Accenture, which got the ‘cleanup of CGI’ contract, submitted a bill for another $121 mm to date, atop the amount wasted on CGI, Mitre, and Serco.

Meanwhile, how is Brennan’s old outfit doing?

eh, not bad, not bad.


Big question: what was Mitre up to? It had to know what the rollout was going to look like, but certified it ‘go’ anyway. It’s certain that Mitre was following WH orders. So did WH WANT the fail?

Oh, but please, gentle reader, peruse those links and behold for yourself the manifold links between the administration and entities we never dreamed of.


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Civil disobedience

Last year the Connecticut legislature enacted a law requiring all “assault weapons” in the State to be registered by December 31, 2013.  Breitbart News reported that “as little as 15 percent of the rifles classified as assault weapons owned by Connecticut residents were registered” by the December 31, 2013 deadline.  An overwhelming number of citizens declined to comply with the law, many; most, I would say; regard the law as an unconstitutional infringement of their Second Amendment rights.

By so doing they have freely chosen to commit a felony on January 1, 2014 and every day thereafter they refuse to comply with the law.  Dollars to doughnuts the legislature will repeal the law before the 2014 elections hoping thereby to save their political skins.  My money says there will be blood at the ballot box this November.

Connecticut is Deep Blue country so it is not surprising that a legislature comprised of a majority of Democrats should buy into the Leftist agenda and attempt to impose it on the people they were elected to represent.  All right thinking Leftists know with religious certainty that guns are evil and it is only right that they protect the people from the sin of gun ownership.  Oh, and in a whispered aside, disarm the people and make them helpless before what’s next on the agenda.

Despite being reliable Democratic voters the people of Connecticut don’t seem to have the same fervor for gun control as do their elected representatives.  The people have not drunk the Leftist Kool-Aid their legislators did.

This presents refusal to comply with the law presents law enforcement and the courts with bit of a problem: how do you enforce the law on 85-90% of an unwilling population that you can’t identify (no registration records) and who are heavily armed?  The simple answer is you don’t.

In the months leading up to the law’s passage there were groups advocating against the law, and those groups continue to be active today.  Even so it is doubtful whether those groups received the explicit endorsement and support of a majority of the citizens of Connecticut.  It is doubtful if a majority of the citizens of Connecticut had public meetings in which it was resolved that the law was inconsistent with the 2nd amendment and a collective response was agreed upon.

Oh, sure, there were some such public meetings.  There were many more smaller gatherings of a few friends talking it over and pledging to resist in one way or another.  But in the end it was individuals who decided in the privacy of their own consciences that they could not and would not comply.

To a true American there is nothing more reasonable than civil disobedience.  The nation  entire, and each of the various States, is composed of that unique thing found in no other polity in the world on in world history: the Sovereign Citizen.  The Sovereign Citizen hold his sovereignty not from the State or Federal government, but from his Creator.

The Sovereign Citizen needs no one’s permission or consent to exercise the Audacity of Nope.

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Recently the former world chess champion Gary Kasparov was asked how he could claim to be a peace activist while at the same time championing a strong military.  His answer is instructive: “Because you can’t get to peace through weakness.”  Not, I will hasten to add, that the hard core believers on the radical Left will allow themselves to be instructed by such a gem of common sense.

To be fair, the Left never meant that any but the Western Powers, the Untied States in particular should achieve peace through weakness.  On the contrary, they have virtually worshiped every murderous, repressive regime that ever aspired to shed rivers of blood, and still do to this day.  Pol Pot can kill his millions and Joseph Stalin his tens of millions but it is a far greater crime for the US to stem the flow of “unanticipated immigrants” across its borders or to ban nudity in “gay pride” parades.

The “thought leaders” of the Left and their useful idiot followers strain out the gnat and swallow the camel.  They demand that people of sound mind do likewise, and do so with full assent of mind and heart – or else.  Which, loath to be rude and find themselves in the Left’s crosshairs, the silent majority have largely done.  The Marching Morons of the Left have battered aside common sense until we find that today common sense is a rare virtue.

With the ascent of The Won to the pinnacle of power the Left’s wholly owned subsidiary, the Party of Disappointment sweeping all before it and only <em>pro forma </em>resistance from the cowed and co-opted opposition, the Triumph of Silliness seemed complete.

But then Reality intruded into Kingdom of Rainbows and Unicorns.  Starring on September 11, 2001 the hempen dream began to shatter.  Followed by the crash of 2008, the endless Summers of (non) Recovery (look for Summer of Recover IV to be announced shortly), an endless series of (non) scandals at home and abroad, the debacle of Obamacare and a series of foreign policy disasters that even the relentless MSM propaganda machine can’t quite cover up, the veil is starting to tear.  Reality is so gauche.

World state bingoThe Ukrainian crisis has shown Americans what the rest of the world has known for a while, Obama and his administration have no clue what they are about.  At the Battle of Jutland in 1916 after two of his brand new battle cruisers had been unexpectedly blown up, Admiral Beatty remarked, “There seems to be something wrong with our damned ships today.”

Americans are a patient and forgiving people, but even so they are beginning to look around at the wreckage and think, “There seems to be something wrong with our damned President.  There seems to be something wrong with our damned policies.  There seems to be something wrong with our damned politicians.”

Ya think?

Two things need to happen now if this farce is to end.  First, the principles which underlay these failures have to be exposed and relentlessly ridiculed as the idiotic ideas they are.  Second, rational policies must be propounded based on solid Constitutional and conservative principles.

The Republican leadership has largely contended itself with proposing “alternatives” which are nothing more than watered down Democratic proposals.  At this time when the Party of Disappointment is doubling down on supid the nation is ripe for a Republican leadership that stands up for America as it was meant to be and as it can yet be.  For that to happen we are all going to have to pound some sense into our Republican pols and put a stop to the silliness.

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Preparing to be blindsided

John Bolton has an interesting piece in, of all places, the Los Angeles Times, outlining the weaknesses of the Obama administration’s foreign policy and the likely consequences thereof.  His thesis is that US foreign policy has centered in three initiatives which are bound to fail: negotiating with Iran, muddling about in Syria and attempting to negotiate a peace between Israel and the Palestinians.  Obama (and the Left generally, I might add) has consistently made three fundamental errors: misreading the intentions of our adversaries, not knowing who our adversaries really are, and not knowing who our friends are.

He concludes that not only will these initiatives fail for the stated reasons, but they will fail catastrophically.  These failures will not only result in expanded and more violent conflict in the region but will make America weaker and more vulnerable.  It is all but certain that America’s enemies will exploit the opportunity the Obama administration is presenting to them; America will be attacked again as we were on 9/11.

Caroline Glick has taken Ambassador Bolton’s analysis and expanded it.  She points out that not only is he correct, but that the principles he elucidates apply equally in a wider frame.  Not only the in Middle East but everywhere the Obama administration fails to understand what our adversaries truly intend, who they are and who are our friends.  Obama and his Sock Puppet of State John Kerry are strengthening our foes while undermining our allies in Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, in short, everywhere, and that these policies will necessarily have devastating consequences for the inhabitants of those afflicted areas, and for the United States.

She points out that Americans have not been an isolationist people, certainly not since 9/11, but that we have functionally become so in part because we have so many grievous problems domestically, in part because we can’t bear to look at the foreign policy train wreck unfolding before us.  But also because there is no one in the Republican Party who is articulating a viable alternative.  On the one hand is Rand Paul and his extreme isolationism and on the other is John McCain and the Neocons’ touching faith in democracy for all.  Glick argues that both these approaches have failed and will fail again; another approach is needed lest America be shocked into consciousness again as we were on December 7, 1941 and September 11, 2001.

Bolton and Glick are correct.  The current administration’s foreign policy is a boon to our enemies, a disaster to our friends and a catastrophe for America.  An effective alternative which does not depend on the twin failures of isolationism and naive interventionism must be devised and promoted by the opposition party.  This must come from the Republican Party as it is not part of the Tea Party’s agenda.

Next Thursday, February 27, the Republican Club of the Foothills is hosting a dinner talk featuring an expert on North Korea.  All my gentle readers are encouraged to attend.  As citizens it is our duty to be informed so as to guide our representatives in making sane policy choices on our behalf.  We don’t depend on them as much as they depend on us.  Click the image for more info on this Thursday’s event.

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Suicide is painless

Suicide is painless – for the suicidee, once its over. It is everybody else that has to suffer the consequences. Now that the GOP has announced another brilliant tactic for losing the 2016 election it is virtually guaranteed that the country will be forced to endure the consequences of another Marxist’s triumph. I say ‘virtually’ because it is conceivable that the presumptive Democrat nominee, Hillary Rodham Clinton (peace be upon her) could drop dead in mid campaign.

The Republican Nomenclaura has decided that it would be a mistake to attack Mrs. Clinton’s record prior to, oh, about 2014.  What a great idea!  Let’s handcuff our right wrist to our left ankle and run the race that way just to show how nice we are.  It would look bad if we were to be mean to Hillary by dredging up her record.

Nope, we’re too chivalrous to go around muckraking the author and past master of the politics of personal destruction.  Just as Mitt spoke no evil of Obama in 2012 (and so failed to give the country fair warning of what had been covered up since 2008) Republicans, noble and high minded Knights of Sweetness and Light, are going into yet another cage match bound by Marquess of Queensberry Rules.

Oh, and what would not be dredged up?  My goodness, she’s got a whole battalion of bulldozers employed full time to cover up the rotting and dismembered corpses of her political past.  Every time she shows herself in public she is surrounded by a bevy of aides discretely discharging cans of Glade to cover the stench of her crimes.  Her optics are such that not only must she be carefully draped in spin and hype but every frame has to be painstakingly airbrushed lest something noxious erupt from behind the facade. She would be the perfect candidate for a Republican candidate to run against because her record makes her so vulnerable.  With her, can of worms ain’t in it.

But no, that cannot be.  The GOP is going to go along with the pretense that this cruel and paranoid socialist harridan is the most qualified person for President EVAH!

Trouble is the rubes are waking up.  What’s worse, they don’t want any part of a suicide pact.  I have the funny feeling that the anger and disappointment of the overwhelming majority of the base whose conservative and truly Republican principles have been ignored are going to rise up and demand victory, not suicide.

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The Christie crash

It has been about a month since I remarked on Chris Christie’s bridge peccadillo.  Since then, predictably, the evidence that he ordered the bridge closure, or that he knew about it and did not stop it or that he did not know but should have remains ambiguous and conflicted.  Despite the evidence, or lack thereof, Christie remains under a cloud, his fortunes waning and any hope of advancing politically continues to decline .  He’s toast.

From last month’s article:

His sin is that he, a Republican, did what the Democrats do all the time.  And yeah, somebody got dead and a lot of people were inconvenienced and it was a nasty bit of a dirty trick.  Does no one remember the recent government shut down fight and the President’s actions?  Hell, for that matter look at the results of Democratic policies for the last 70 – no, make that 170 – years which have resulted in the unnecessary deaths of millions of Americans and the impoverishment of hundreds of millions more.

Waiting for the outrage on that one but all I hear is crickets.

I have said for quite some time now that we are in a war with the Marxist-Leninist Left and we aren’t going to win by playing by the Marquess of Queensberry rules.  I don’t have all that much confidence that Chris Christie is a conservative Republican (Hah!), but I do give him credit for knowing what game he’s playing and playing to win.  I’m thinking that a whole bunch of Republican politicians either need to get a testosterone infusion from Christie or step aside (or get voted aside!) to make way for Republicans who know how to play the rough game and are eager to so.
Alas, it is clear that the Republicans have not rallied ’round to get their testosterone infusion, but have in typical fashion abandoned one of their own to the tender mercies of the Democrat’s political assassination machine, the mainstream media.  The issue isn’t that the media is so unfair, or that the Democrats are so nasty, that anyone with two synapses to rub together knows by now.

The issue is that, no matter what you may have thought about his policies Christie is clearly a forceful and articulate leader.  That is why the Democrats and their baying pack of ideological assassins went after him.

They first separated him from his fellow Republicans.  That was easy to do because so many Republicans are like children from dysfunctional families looking for love in all the wrong places.  Still, after all the evidence, all the broken promises, all the slanders, all the verbal and emotional abuse, all the beatings and jiltings, they still hope for media love and approval. “Maybe if I betray the Party one more time they will finally really love me.  This time for sure, I just know it.  That’s why I’ve got let them have their way or they’ll be mad at me.”

They scattered as soon as the media wolves showed up.  The wolves have been slashing at Christie ever since; because of that he will soon be pulled down.

Which will be a tragedy.  Not because the Republicans will have lost a powerful leader on the national scene, I don’t believe Christie would be a suitable candidate for the White House, but he’s great where he is, a Republican governor of Deep Blue New Jersey.  The tragedy is that the GOP is sacrificing a good man to save themselves.  But they won’t be saved, the media wolves be back to pick off the next one in line.  Who will it be next time?  Scott Walker?  Bobby Jindal?  Who?

Elephants, it will be recalled, travel in herds.  They do so for mutual support and protection.  Is it time to change the Republican mascot from the elephant to the rabbit?

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Exhibition game

click to enlarge

Over at The Belmont Club Richard Fernandez has a great post in which he discusses the sad state of the Republican Party. “Why is the Republican Party incapable of putting up a fight? And why is Hillary Clinton “inevitable”?”

Whether the subject is Benghazi, IRS, immigration, the NSA or Syria the GOP performance is shockingly repetitive. First it pauses before the mighty onset, makes a show of defiance. Then it fires off a few desultory arrows at the advancing political machine and disappears under the grinding wheels, a muffled cry of “aieeee” barely audible over the triumphant roar of the Democratic devotees.

“Republicans need to ask what’s wrong with our business model,” said former Rep. Tom Davis (R-VA), after a loss in Virginia. “This should have been a slam dunk. Virginia almost always votes against the president’s party…. All we needed was a mammal up there.”

A mammal and a business model, as Davis should remind himself.

A big part of the problem comes from the civil war between the ‘Institutional Republicans’ and the ‘Tea Party Republicans.’ Essentially these are two incompatible business models competing for market share in the political marketplace of ideas, and only one can survive, the loser goes the way of the Whigs.

The Institutionals don’t see the need to win elections. It is more cost effective for them to consistently get 40% of the dollars in the government trough, especially as the Democrats are better at enlarging that through. 40% of a 200% bigger trough is better than 60% of a 20% bigger trough. They have no incentive to fight for less. Its all about access to the dollars in the government trough. For them traditional American values are symbolic and lip service to them an important part of manipulating the electoral system.

The Tea Party thinks the trough is too big and want to down size it. They see elections as a means to get into a position to effect that reduction, which is itself secondary to reversing the power and over reach of the bureaucratic welfare state and the restoration of traditional American values. They are committed to winning.

Is it any wonder that these Republicans are at war with one another?

Republicans are not the only ones waging civil war. The Democrats are having a similar internecine struggle. Once again it is the Institutional Democrats against the Socialist Democrats. All Democrats are Socialists, but one wing of the party sees Socialism as merely a means to grow the government trough, and the other intends to establish a true Marxist-Leninist totalitarian state.

So who’s going to win? The Institutionals of both parties are merely political hacks guarding the government trough, and will fight ruthlessly to defend their income and their perks. They have the largest numbers already strongly entrenched in positions of power. They are dangerous and cunning and are fighting for their lives.

The Marxist-Leninists are deeply entrenched in the bureaucracy and wield the behind the scenes levers of power. In addition, they are fanatics who, as history has often shown, display a brutal callousness and a reckless willingness to employ extreme violence without regard to consequences.

Conservatives, both affiliated with the Republican Party, the Tea Party and the majority of the American people comprise a vast reservoir of quiet, understated strength and are the largest minority of politically active people in the country. Increasingly they understand the danger from the Marxist-Leninist Left and from the Institutional Elites and are willing to take some kind of action to protect and promote their interests. This was demonstrated by the overwhelming support for ChickFil-A and Duck Dynasty. Get these people to move and they will carry the country with them.

These are the “Silent Majority” of the 1970’s and the growing cohort of people who love the Constitution, understand what it means and want the Constitutional government that once existed, and are very afraid and angry at the subversion of all they believe and hope for.

It is theses people, their values, hopes and aspirations that the Republican Party must either lead or be destroyed by irrelevance.

Cross posted at Republican Club of the Foothills.

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