As the national debate on health care intensifies it is interesting and disheartening to note the tactics used by both sides. On the Republican, Libertarian and generally conservative side the opposition is general, widespread, deeply felt and increasingly vocal and articulate. On the Left’s side support for the administration’s position is move away from highlighting the benefits of the program to attacking the opposition with a view to silencing them.

The Democrats have undermined the opposition by preemptively labeling them as “Nazis” and “Brownshirts”. This is in keeping with the general line of attack used against the Bush administration. After the charge of Racism there is no more powerful denunciation than Nazism to force an opponent who cannot be defeated by reasoned argument into silence.

Yet these charges, patently false as they are, serve to lay bare the Left’s battle plan. They will use the Gestapo field manual as their own. I strongly suspect that increasingly the public meetings will be dominated by administration supporters organized from traditional Democratic constituencies which will systematically intimidate and exclude non members who would likely voice their concerns about the so-called reforms. This is already happening and I believe it will accelerate.

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How The Democratic Nomination Was Won

The long and the short of it: Chicago Rules. I am no Hillary fan, but what happened in 2008 is just plain wrong. I guess everybody knows that politics is dirty business, but if this is the new standard of dirty business for politics then we are guaranteed blood going forward. What’s worse is that this was allowed to stand. Go watch the video and see if you don’t weep for America.

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Barbara Curtis on Rules for Radicals

Wowsers! This gal does what I should have been doing.

Chapter 1
Chapters 2 & 3

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Guns Or Butter, by Dr. Zero

Dr. Zero has a terrific post today over at Hot Air.

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