Good Article on Alinsky Over at Hyphenated Americans

The article can be found over at his blog.  “All in all, the next three years should be fun…”  Indeed it should.  He has outlines the practical appication of Alinsky’s rules as a way to hoist the adminstration and the Democrats by their own petard.

Conservatives should stop playing nice, as if these were good hearteed people whose opinions simply differed from ours.  Not the case.  We are at war, and have been at war for a long time.  Having co-opted the term “Liberal” and tainted it with their madness, they now call themselves “Progressives.”  They are not progressives, they are the ideological descendants of Lenin, Mao, Stalin and Kim Jong Il.  They are vectors for an ideological virus which, once the disease has taken root is difficult to extirpate.  They are sanctimonious zealots who gladly destroy everything in order to make it over into the sacriligious image of their godless divinity.

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