Cassandra gets her drubbing

But at least, According To Hoyt, she needs more.  In essence, Sarah A. Hoyt points out that the current crop of totalitarian wannabes are sowing the seeds of their own destruction by dint of massive incompetence.  Oh, and not controlling ALL of the means of communication.  And you know what?  She’s right.

Their vote fraud mechanism was just as strong when they got a drubbing in 2010.

Also, the idea that they will hold power forever and ever is based on the idea that they will be minimally competent.

What is that you say?  Well, the Nazis and the communists were in a different position.  The Nazis were minimally competent, and the communists moved in on people’s who were used to being pushed around.  (And we’re only going to consider Russia here, and maybe China, because after that they had Russia and China to help and their “takeovers” partook the characteristics of an invasion more than a revolution.)

More both had something that our gang doesn’t have: total control of the means of communication.

Yes, yes, it’s fashionable to hang your head and look sorrowful and say something like “their advantage in propaganda is overwhelming.”

I’ll give you their advantage in propaganda is very great particularly over the very, very dumb – how on Earth could a man saying that he gave preference to women’s resumes become the “binders full of women” attack the left made it?  Easy.  Chickies – and yes, these creatures are chickies, not women – want to go along with the flock and chip chip chip in chorus – but even there it has limits.

Communists and Nazis kept power (and can keep power) only by having iron control over all means of communication, including person to person.

For instance, yesterday I noted that there were the usual trolls out saying that the reason labor force participation is falling is that “the boomers are retiring.”  Let alone the fact that no boomer I know – and this includes some in NYC who really, really, really want to, before the publishing houses they work for collapse under them – is retiring. They can’t afford to.  I think at the rate our labor force participation is falling, boomers would need to be retiring at an unprecedented rate, and it would need to include my cohort who are NOT boomers and who will be aggregated to the boomers ONLY under total anesthesia.  Who also aren’t old enough to retire let alone not being able to afford it.

Again, the numbers coming out are lovely, but you’d have to believe them over the phone call from uncle Vinnie who has been unemployed for three years, despite his top skills.  You’d need to believe them over your job search.

They can say the unemployment rate is falling like a stone, and it’s not that bad for college educated, but salaries are at best holding steady, if you browse the job adds (a good way to get the zeitgeist) for professions where you know what they pay, you see pay falling, and you know – because you’re not as dumb as a cabbage – that it’s a buyer’s market out there.

Which means you’re being lied to.

Even ind deepest, darkest Mordor Sam Gamgee, upon seeing a star shining in the darkness, points out to weary, dispirited Frodo, that the power of evil cannot ever conquer all.  There is always a higher realm which not only cannot be conquered, but cannot be touched by the power of evil.

We who can be touched (and I do mean TOUCHED!) need to remember that our origin and our destiny are Love and Light.  To the extent that hold to those, and live them no matter the cost, we will win through.

I recently listened to a podcast in which the authors of the “Leading With Honor – Leadership lessons from the Hanoi Hilton.”  Now THAT was a hard school.  One of the takeaways from that is that those who died were those who lost hope; those who survived were able to maintain hope.  BTW, I have ordered the book and look forward to reading it with dread (I am certain that some of those stories will make me wince, tender, sensitive soul that I am).

Our Republic will survive this crisis if we keep faith with her in thought, word, and deed.  If you love your Republic you can keep it.

Why, thanks!  I believe I will.

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