Another recipe for victory

Over at Unified Patriots Vassar Bushmills has a legthy post laying out lessons learned from the Phil Robertson victory over A&E, GLAAD and Politically Correct Gaystapo machine. It was a huge victory, no doubt about it, and that in two ways.

First, Roberts told the plain unvarnished Biblical Truth he has always supported and proclaimed. He then let the vile forces of Political Correctness dash themselves to pieces on the unshakeable facts; he didn’t have to do battle to prove the facts, they stood for themselves. Believe the Bible or not, the text is undeniably clear and self evidently says what it says.

Second, the public groundswell of support for Phil and what he stands for proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the spittle flecked screaming meemies of the PC Left are despised by the overwhelming majority of Americans, whether Christian believers or not. And, significantly, that the Left is a tiny minority of Americans that have achieved their position of dominance by being meaner and louder than the vast majority of people who practice ordinary civility. Not only are the lunatics of the Left outnumbered, when the public has had a belly full they can and will stand up and squash them like the insects they are.

All these years we, the conservative majority, have been restrained by learned helplessness that capitalized on our good manners and sense of fair play. Common decency and politeness almost defeated us. Almost defeated doesn’t count for much in war. So, back to Vassar and the point of the article . . .

Here are Robert’s rules for victory against the Totalitarian Left as defined by Vassar:

All we have to do is follow Phil’s “rules on war.”

Mr Robertson’s (I’m older than he is) strategy is simple:

1) Never say anything you don’t mean and you’ll never have to apologize. Besides, it’s a sign of weakness. (John Wayne, Leroy Jethro Gibbs).

2) Stand by your words, even if it hurts as it sometimes may. Be prepared to pay a price, but never retreat. They won’t always surrender, but neither will you. (See Sun Tzu, above.) So calculate ahead, but never be impulsive. Be sure you’re right, then go ahead. (Davy Crockett). You’ve never played the game until you’ve played for more than you can afford to lose. (Steve McQueen), but if you are right on all the right things, you can never lose. (Jesus)

3) Never misstate facts or lie and never get angry, for that makes you equal to them. It gives them an edge. You can never win a battle in which you’re angry. (Vinnie and Augie)

4) Know exactly what or who your targets are. Things, ideas, are better targets than people. Try not to personalize it. Defend Honor, Truth, God, Justice, Integrity, and attack lies, meanness, indifference, cowardice, and sin. This way they will personalize it instead of you, giving you the upper hand. The enemy will come out of the woodwork just to challenge you, only the first words out of their mouths will always be lies, for they have to distort what you said just to get a good running start. They can’t help it. Make them personalize it and they will lie, and you will win. (Vassar Bushmills)

There it is, simple as pie.

I am not an extrovert and a lover of fighting a la Andrew Breitbart, to search out public gatherings of Leftist lunatics just so I can toss grenades at them, but I do have my little ways. For one thing, you could go over the web store and buy one of my patented, Make A Leftie’s Head Explode T-shirts. I’d really appreciate that.

Cross posted at Republican Club of the Foothills.

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