Preparing to be blindsided

John Bolton has an interesting piece in, of all places, the Los Angeles Times, outlining the weaknesses of the Obama administration’s foreign policy and the likely consequences thereof.  His thesis is that US foreign policy has centered in three initiatives which are bound to fail: negotiating with Iran, muddling about in Syria and attempting to negotiate a peace between Israel and the Palestinians.  Obama (and the Left generally, I might add) has consistently made three fundamental errors: misreading the intentions of our adversaries, not knowing who our adversaries really are, and not knowing who our friends are.

He concludes that not only will these initiatives fail for the stated reasons, but they will fail catastrophically.  These failures will not only result in expanded and more violent conflict in the region but will make America weaker and more vulnerable.  It is all but certain that America’s enemies will exploit the opportunity the Obama administration is presenting to them; America will be attacked again as we were on 9/11.

Caroline Glick has taken Ambassador Bolton’s analysis and expanded it.  She points out that not only is he correct, but that the principles he elucidates apply equally in a wider frame.  Not only the in Middle East but everywhere the Obama administration fails to understand what our adversaries truly intend, who they are and who are our friends.  Obama and his Sock Puppet of State John Kerry are strengthening our foes while undermining our allies in Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, in short, everywhere, and that these policies will necessarily have devastating consequences for the inhabitants of those afflicted areas, and for the United States.

She points out that Americans have not been an isolationist people, certainly not since 9/11, but that we have functionally become so in part because we have so many grievous problems domestically, in part because we can’t bear to look at the foreign policy train wreck unfolding before us.  But also because there is no one in the Republican Party who is articulating a viable alternative.  On the one hand is Rand Paul and his extreme isolationism and on the other is John McCain and the Neocons’ touching faith in democracy for all.  Glick argues that both these approaches have failed and will fail again; another approach is needed lest America be shocked into consciousness again as we were on December 7, 1941 and September 11, 2001.

Bolton and Glick are correct.  The current administration’s foreign policy is a boon to our enemies, a disaster to our friends and a catastrophe for America.  An effective alternative which does not depend on the twin failures of isolationism and naive interventionism must be devised and promoted by the opposition party.  This must come from the Republican Party as it is not part of the Tea Party’s agenda.

Next Thursday, February 27, the Republican Club of the Foothills is hosting a dinner talk featuring an expert on North Korea.  All my gentle readers are encouraged to attend.  As citizens it is our duty to be informed so as to guide our representatives in making sane policy choices on our behalf.  We don’t depend on them as much as they depend on us.  Click the image for more info on this Thursday’s event.

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Suicide is painless

Suicide is painless – for the suicidee, once its over. It is everybody else that has to suffer the consequences. Now that the GOP has announced another brilliant tactic for losing the 2016 election it is virtually guaranteed that the country will be forced to endure the consequences of another Marxist’s triumph. I say ‘virtually’ because it is conceivable that the presumptive Democrat nominee, Hillary Rodham Clinton (peace be upon her) could drop dead in mid campaign.

The Republican Nomenclaura has decided that it would be a mistake to attack Mrs. Clinton’s record prior to, oh, about 2014.  What a great idea!  Let’s handcuff our right wrist to our left ankle and run the race that way just to show how nice we are.  It would look bad if we were to be mean to Hillary by dredging up her record.

Nope, we’re too chivalrous to go around muckraking the author and past master of the politics of personal destruction.  Just as Mitt spoke no evil of Obama in 2012 (and so failed to give the country fair warning of what had been covered up since 2008) Republicans, noble and high minded Knights of Sweetness and Light, are going into yet another cage match bound by Marquess of Queensberry Rules.

Oh, and what would not be dredged up?  My goodness, she’s got a whole battalion of bulldozers employed full time to cover up the rotting and dismembered corpses of her political past.  Every time she shows herself in public she is surrounded by a bevy of aides discretely discharging cans of Glade to cover the stench of her crimes.  Her optics are such that not only must she be carefully draped in spin and hype but every frame has to be painstakingly airbrushed lest something noxious erupt from behind the facade. She would be the perfect candidate for a Republican candidate to run against because her record makes her so vulnerable.  With her, can of worms ain’t in it.

But no, that cannot be.  The GOP is going to go along with the pretense that this cruel and paranoid socialist harridan is the most qualified person for President EVAH!

Trouble is the rubes are waking up.  What’s worse, they don’t want any part of a suicide pact.  I have the funny feeling that the anger and disappointment of the overwhelming majority of the base whose conservative and truly Republican principles have been ignored are going to rise up and demand victory, not suicide.

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The Christie crash

It has been about a month since I remarked on Chris Christie’s bridge peccadillo.  Since then, predictably, the evidence that he ordered the bridge closure, or that he knew about it and did not stop it or that he did not know but should have remains ambiguous and conflicted.  Despite the evidence, or lack thereof, Christie remains under a cloud, his fortunes waning and any hope of advancing politically continues to decline .  He’s toast.

From last month’s article:

His sin is that he, a Republican, did what the Democrats do all the time.  And yeah, somebody got dead and a lot of people were inconvenienced and it was a nasty bit of a dirty trick.  Does no one remember the recent government shut down fight and the President’s actions?  Hell, for that matter look at the results of Democratic policies for the last 70 – no, make that 170 – years which have resulted in the unnecessary deaths of millions of Americans and the impoverishment of hundreds of millions more.

Waiting for the outrage on that one but all I hear is crickets.

I have said for quite some time now that we are in a war with the Marxist-Leninist Left and we aren’t going to win by playing by the Marquess of Queensberry rules.  I don’t have all that much confidence that Chris Christie is a conservative Republican (Hah!), but I do give him credit for knowing what game he’s playing and playing to win.  I’m thinking that a whole bunch of Republican politicians either need to get a testosterone infusion from Christie or step aside (or get voted aside!) to make way for Republicans who know how to play the rough game and are eager to so.
Alas, it is clear that the Republicans have not rallied ’round to get their testosterone infusion, but have in typical fashion abandoned one of their own to the tender mercies of the Democrat’s political assassination machine, the mainstream media.  The issue isn’t that the media is so unfair, or that the Democrats are so nasty, that anyone with two synapses to rub together knows by now.

The issue is that, no matter what you may have thought about his policies Christie is clearly a forceful and articulate leader.  That is why the Democrats and their baying pack of ideological assassins went after him.

They first separated him from his fellow Republicans.  That was easy to do because so many Republicans are like children from dysfunctional families looking for love in all the wrong places.  Still, after all the evidence, all the broken promises, all the slanders, all the verbal and emotional abuse, all the beatings and jiltings, they still hope for media love and approval. “Maybe if I betray the Party one more time they will finally really love me.  This time for sure, I just know it.  That’s why I’ve got let them have their way or they’ll be mad at me.”

They scattered as soon as the media wolves showed up.  The wolves have been slashing at Christie ever since; because of that he will soon be pulled down.

Which will be a tragedy.  Not because the Republicans will have lost a powerful leader on the national scene, I don’t believe Christie would be a suitable candidate for the White House, but he’s great where he is, a Republican governor of Deep Blue New Jersey.  The tragedy is that the GOP is sacrificing a good man to save themselves.  But they won’t be saved, the media wolves be back to pick off the next one in line.  Who will it be next time?  Scott Walker?  Bobby Jindal?  Who?

Elephants, it will be recalled, travel in herds.  They do so for mutual support and protection.  Is it time to change the Republican mascot from the elephant to the rabbit?

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