The Christie crash

It has been about a month since I remarked on Chris Christie’s bridge peccadillo.  Since then, predictably, the evidence that he ordered the bridge closure, or that he knew about it and did not stop it or that he did not know but should have remains ambiguous and conflicted.  Despite the evidence, or lack thereof, Christie remains under a cloud, his fortunes waning and any hope of advancing politically continues to decline .  He’s toast.

From last month’s article:

His sin is that he, a Republican, did what the Democrats do all the time.  And yeah, somebody got dead and a lot of people were inconvenienced and it was a nasty bit of a dirty trick.  Does no one remember the recent government shut down fight and the President’s actions?  Hell, for that matter look at the results of Democratic policies for the last 70 – no, make that 170 – years which have resulted in the unnecessary deaths of millions of Americans and the impoverishment of hundreds of millions more.

Waiting for the outrage on that one but all I hear is crickets.

I have said for quite some time now that we are in a war with the Marxist-Leninist Left and we aren’t going to win by playing by the Marquess of Queensberry rules.  I don’t have all that much confidence that Chris Christie is a conservative Republican (Hah!), but I do give him credit for knowing what game he’s playing and playing to win.  I’m thinking that a whole bunch of Republican politicians either need to get a testosterone infusion from Christie or step aside (or get voted aside!) to make way for Republicans who know how to play the rough game and are eager to so.
Alas, it is clear that the Republicans have not rallied ’round to get their testosterone infusion, but have in typical fashion abandoned one of their own to the tender mercies of the Democrat’s political assassination machine, the mainstream media.  The issue isn’t that the media is so unfair, or that the Democrats are so nasty, that anyone with two synapses to rub together knows by now.

The issue is that, no matter what you may have thought about his policies Christie is clearly a forceful and articulate leader.  That is why the Democrats and their baying pack of ideological assassins went after him.

They first separated him from his fellow Republicans.  That was easy to do because so many Republicans are like children from dysfunctional families looking for love in all the wrong places.  Still, after all the evidence, all the broken promises, all the slanders, all the verbal and emotional abuse, all the beatings and jiltings, they still hope for media love and approval. “Maybe if I betray the Party one more time they will finally really love me.  This time for sure, I just know it.  That’s why I’ve got let them have their way or they’ll be mad at me.”

They scattered as soon as the media wolves showed up.  The wolves have been slashing at Christie ever since; because of that he will soon be pulled down.

Which will be a tragedy.  Not because the Republicans will have lost a powerful leader on the national scene, I don’t believe Christie would be a suitable candidate for the White House, but he’s great where he is, a Republican governor of Deep Blue New Jersey.  The tragedy is that the GOP is sacrificing a good man to save themselves.  But they won’t be saved, the media wolves be back to pick off the next one in line.  Who will it be next time?  Scott Walker?  Bobby Jindal?  Who?

Elephants, it will be recalled, travel in herds.  They do so for mutual support and protection.  Is it time to change the Republican mascot from the elephant to the rabbit?

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