Suicide is painless

Suicide is painless – for the suicidee, once its over. It is everybody else that has to suffer the consequences. Now that the GOP has announced another brilliant tactic for losing the 2016 election it is virtually guaranteed that the country will be forced to endure the consequences of another Marxist’s triumph. I say ‘virtually’ because it is conceivable that the presumptive Democrat nominee, Hillary Rodham Clinton (peace be upon her) could drop dead in mid campaign.

The Republican Nomenclaura has decided that it would be a mistake to attack Mrs. Clinton’s record prior to, oh, about 2014.  What a great idea!  Let’s handcuff our right wrist to our left ankle and run the race that way just to show how nice we are.  It would look bad if we were to be mean to Hillary by dredging up her record.

Nope, we’re too chivalrous to go around muckraking the author and past master of the politics of personal destruction.  Just as Mitt spoke no evil of Obama in 2012 (and so failed to give the country fair warning of what had been covered up since 2008) Republicans, noble and high minded Knights of Sweetness and Light, are going into yet another cage match bound by Marquess of Queensberry Rules.

Oh, and what would not be dredged up?  My goodness, she’s got a whole battalion of bulldozers employed full time to cover up the rotting and dismembered corpses of her political past.  Every time she shows herself in public she is surrounded by a bevy of aides discretely discharging cans of Glade to cover the stench of her crimes.  Her optics are such that not only must she be carefully draped in spin and hype but every frame has to be painstakingly airbrushed lest something noxious erupt from behind the facade. She would be the perfect candidate for a Republican candidate to run against because her record makes her so vulnerable.  With her, can of worms ain’t in it.

But no, that cannot be.  The GOP is going to go along with the pretense that this cruel and paranoid socialist harridan is the most qualified person for President EVAH!

Trouble is the rubes are waking up.  What’s worse, they don’t want any part of a suicide pact.  I have the funny feeling that the anger and disappointment of the overwhelming majority of the base whose conservative and truly Republican principles have been ignored are going to rise up and demand victory, not suicide.

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