Civil disobedience

Last year the Connecticut legislature enacted a law requiring all “assault weapons” in the State to be registered by December 31, 2013.  Breitbart News reported that “as little as 15 percent of the rifles classified as assault weapons owned by Connecticut residents were registered” by the December 31, 2013 deadline.  An overwhelming number of citizens declined to comply with the law, many; most, I would say; regard the law as an unconstitutional infringement of their Second Amendment rights.

By so doing they have freely chosen to commit a felony on January 1, 2014 and every day thereafter they refuse to comply with the law.  Dollars to doughnuts the legislature will repeal the law before the 2014 elections hoping thereby to save their political skins.  My money says there will be blood at the ballot box this November.

Connecticut is Deep Blue country so it is not surprising that a legislature comprised of a majority of Democrats should buy into the Leftist agenda and attempt to impose it on the people they were elected to represent.  All right thinking Leftists know with religious certainty that guns are evil and it is only right that they protect the people from the sin of gun ownership.  Oh, and in a whispered aside, disarm the people and make them helpless before what’s next on the agenda.

Despite being reliable Democratic voters the people of Connecticut don’t seem to have the same fervor for gun control as do their elected representatives.  The people have not drunk the Leftist Kool-Aid their legislators did.

This presents refusal to comply with the law presents law enforcement and the courts with bit of a problem: how do you enforce the law on 85-90% of an unwilling population that you can’t identify (no registration records) and who are heavily armed?  The simple answer is you don’t.

In the months leading up to the law’s passage there were groups advocating against the law, and those groups continue to be active today.  Even so it is doubtful whether those groups received the explicit endorsement and support of a majority of the citizens of Connecticut.  It is doubtful if a majority of the citizens of Connecticut had public meetings in which it was resolved that the law was inconsistent with the 2nd amendment and a collective response was agreed upon.

Oh, sure, there were some such public meetings.  There were many more smaller gatherings of a few friends talking it over and pledging to resist in one way or another.  But in the end it was individuals who decided in the privacy of their own consciences that they could not and would not comply.

To a true American there is nothing more reasonable than civil disobedience.  The nation  entire, and each of the various States, is composed of that unique thing found in no other polity in the world on in world history: the Sovereign Citizen.  The Sovereign Citizen hold his sovereignty not from the State or Federal government, but from his Creator.

The Sovereign Citizen needs no one’s permission or consent to exercise the Audacity of Nope.

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Recently the former world chess champion Gary Kasparov was asked how he could claim to be a peace activist while at the same time championing a strong military.  His answer is instructive: “Because you can’t get to peace through weakness.”  Not, I will hasten to add, that the hard core believers on the radical Left will allow themselves to be instructed by such a gem of common sense.

To be fair, the Left never meant that any but the Western Powers, the Untied States in particular should achieve peace through weakness.  On the contrary, they have virtually worshiped every murderous, repressive regime that ever aspired to shed rivers of blood, and still do to this day.  Pol Pot can kill his millions and Joseph Stalin his tens of millions but it is a far greater crime for the US to stem the flow of “unanticipated immigrants” across its borders or to ban nudity in “gay pride” parades.

The “thought leaders” of the Left and their useful idiot followers strain out the gnat and swallow the camel.  They demand that people of sound mind do likewise, and do so with full assent of mind and heart – or else.  Which, loath to be rude and find themselves in the Left’s crosshairs, the silent majority have largely done.  The Marching Morons of the Left have battered aside common sense until we find that today common sense is a rare virtue.

With the ascent of The Won to the pinnacle of power the Left’s wholly owned subsidiary, the Party of Disappointment sweeping all before it and only <em>pro forma </em>resistance from the cowed and co-opted opposition, the Triumph of Silliness seemed complete.

But then Reality intruded into Kingdom of Rainbows and Unicorns.  Starring on September 11, 2001 the hempen dream began to shatter.  Followed by the crash of 2008, the endless Summers of (non) Recovery (look for Summer of Recover IV to be announced shortly), an endless series of (non) scandals at home and abroad, the debacle of Obamacare and a series of foreign policy disasters that even the relentless MSM propaganda machine can’t quite cover up, the veil is starting to tear.  Reality is so gauche.

World state bingoThe Ukrainian crisis has shown Americans what the rest of the world has known for a while, Obama and his administration have no clue what they are about.  At the Battle of Jutland in 1916 after two of his brand new battle cruisers had been unexpectedly blown up, Admiral Beatty remarked, “There seems to be something wrong with our damned ships today.”

Americans are a patient and forgiving people, but even so they are beginning to look around at the wreckage and think, “There seems to be something wrong with our damned President.  There seems to be something wrong with our damned policies.  There seems to be something wrong with our damned politicians.”

Ya think?

Two things need to happen now if this farce is to end.  First, the principles which underlay these failures have to be exposed and relentlessly ridiculed as the idiotic ideas they are.  Second, rational policies must be propounded based on solid Constitutional and conservative principles.

The Republican leadership has largely contended itself with proposing “alternatives” which are nothing more than watered down Democratic proposals.  At this time when the Party of Disappointment is doubling down on supid the nation is ripe for a Republican leadership that stands up for America as it was meant to be and as it can yet be.  For that to happen we are all going to have to pound some sense into our Republican pols and put a stop to the silliness.

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