The shape of the hole

We now know that the Benghazi disaster was not caused by a puerile anti Islamic video.  What we do know is that whatever the cause, the blame was ascribed to the video was a feint, a lie, concocted in and promulgated by the White House.  It was a stalking horse designed to draw attention from, well, that’s the question, isn’t it.  With the revelation that the entire thing was stage managed by the administration no one yet knows what it was designed to draw attention away from.  At least part of the purpose was to insure that Barack Hussein Obama would be re-elected in 2012.

Whatever it was, the Administration and it’s officials, from the President, to Susan Rice, to Hillary Clinton, were in on it.  But, one might ask, what difference at this point does it make?

Wouldn’t we like to know?

Well, we might not know the details of what is supposed to be concealed, but we do know the shape of the deception, and, thanks to the internet and internet sleuths, some of its component parts and heretofore unknown and unsuspected deceivers.    Your humble correspondent is no such sleuth, I let others do the heavy sleuthing, and bring what they have found to you, dear readers.

So I direct your attention to one of the most eminent brainiacs on the internet, Richard Fernandez’ excellent The Belmont Club and some of his attentive readers and commenters.  In particular, Buddy Larsen whom I shamelessly quote below.

wretchard intones the descending bells tolling on down into the revelations. There is a topper, or a bottomer as it were. I’m gonna list a few URLs pointing it out, but first, remember this:

This is the smoking gun email writer’s brother’s company (he’s CBS CEO) doing something very very strange, so strange that it seems just too strange to believe, which must be what CBS had in mind, that is to say, the story behind the story that turns out to be a con job that fooled CBS into thinking, for a little while, until the truth came out, that the Obama admin might have been wrong, but honestly wrong, about the interpretation of the story, or was that the story of the interpretation, hmm. Hell i can’t remember, can’t keep it all straight, what, who, why would that guy…no not him, that OTHER guy, wait. Oh hell, the hell with it.

Yup, CBS picked the Cairo rape victim to (pick one):

A) do the story that then turned out to have been bogus, or

B) do a story that CBS knew was bogus, in order to “be forced by late revelation to retract” –and thereby kill by association the whole notion of the conspiracy of which it knew the CEO’s brother was up over his eyeballs involved in –and chose Logan because no one would EVER believe that CBS would rape a rape victim. And then fire her, and her producer.

Not sure i can believe it –but there it is. Oh, all the dirt goes away, if you believe that the smoking gun email writer just revealed, did not tell his brother what was going on.

okay, this is difficult, the choosing of URLs to take Wretchard’s ‘and what’s even worse’ review of Roger Simon’s column down even deeper. Although this material is all over the net, it is clustered in the 2012-2013 dates, and tho some trustworthies such as American Thinker and Free Republic (and others) have posted on it, the best way to take you through it i think is to put up six URLs.

The first one is a Bing search, because you see the terms clearly in a Bing search URL. It’s just to show context –the same terms in Google offer many more hits, 5 something million.

The second is a Doug Hagmann report in Canada Free Press, from February 2013.

The third, from September 2012 is the one of the six to scan, if that will be your time limit on this mtrl. Near the bottom, it introduces the Montagraph video.

The fourth IS the Montagraph video. Please ignore the guy’s wacko persona appearance, and listen to what he says. The Freepers have and are impressed, with several long threads available on same. Just give him 4 minutes, then decide if you want to hear the next 16.

The fifth is another Bing, see the terms for yourself, to scan for context.

The sixth is a youtube from Australia, two minutes and change, entertainingly introducing you to Serco down under. What you learn there applies also to USA, the horizontal and vertical both, tho at a lower penetration for the time being.


i know, two more is eight and wholly gratuitous sadism. But here is a new outfit composed of the bosses of the two passport breachers and the deep producers of the Benghazi video re Montagraph & Hagmann (remember, The Analysis Corp changed name to Sotero Defense Solutions –Taquiya to SDS? cute, no?):

…and here is their official money partner:

Is this a hump of that thing out there emerging from the sea? I’d say, you bet your sweet patootie it is!

Read the Wikis on ‘Regulatory Capture’ and ‘Regime Uncertainty’

That’s key –CGI bought out one of the passport breach companies in spring of 2010, for $1bbl cash. So CGI bought the company that purloined the passport evidence. The other passport breach company, Brennan’s ‘The Analysis Corp’, changed name to Sotera Defense Solutions, as Brennan took leave for Obama’s National Security team.

Then Obama awards CGI a virtually no-bid contract to do the website –despite CGI’s terrible record on far smaller IT projects for Canada (performance not needed? Why? Extortion or bribery derived contracts?), and pays them $1bbl or $1.5bbl –and proceeds to do zero milepost oversight until the rollout comes.

CGI’s work gets certified for rollout by an all-gov government contracter named Mitre Corp –the secretive outfit John Wheeler was working for when someone killed him and dumped him in a NJ landfill New Year’s night 2010-2011.

(Meanwhile, the casting call for ‘The Desert Warrior’ goes out early summer of 2011)

October 2013, experts looking at the rolled-out ACA product say a straight IT would’ve charged around a million bucks for the work. So CGI was overpaid by 1,499 times.

Then on July 4th 2013 he awards CGI controller Serco of UK (July 4th, another little joke!) the paper records admin part of ACA plus the determination of ACA subsidy payables per individual, for another $1.25 billion, no-bid.

No US companies need apply, i guess. Wonder why? Ease of kickbacks?

Today, Accenture, which got the ‘cleanup of CGI’ contract, submitted a bill for another $121 mm to date, atop the amount wasted on CGI, Mitre, and Serco.

Meanwhile, how is Brennan’s old outfit doing?

eh, not bad, not bad.


Big question: what was Mitre up to? It had to know what the rollout was going to look like, but certified it ‘go’ anyway. It’s certain that Mitre was following WH orders. So did WH WANT the fail?

Oh, but please, gentle reader, peruse those links and behold for yourself the manifold links between the administration and entities we never dreamed of.


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