Decline and Fall

At the moment a great deal of the American political system is in the grip of the followers of a 19th century millennial cult devised by an eccentric visionary who thought that by adding the word “scientific” to his theory of a collectivist totalitarian utopia he could not only convince people that it would work, but that it would work in fact.  Marx was correct in the former assumption, he has certainly been proved right about how willing people are to swallow his guff, but he was wrong about the latter assumption, namely that it would work.  Over the course of a century and a half since the publication of Marx’s Capital and the promulgation of the Communist Manifesto millions of human beings on every continent have reduced themselves and their fellows to misery, beggary and room temperature giving it the old collectivist try.

In the contest of ideas to elevate mankind all flavors of Marxism have yet to score.  Marx: 0, just about anything and everything else: 999+.  Despite that every single time Marx’s followers end up in charge their most notable accomplishments are terror, mass murder, famine and failure, there always seem to be new bunch of chumps willing to step up to the plate and do it again.

In contemporary America the chumps are called by various names: Liberals that hate liberty, Progressives that are regressive, Socialists that are sociopaths, and Democrats that pine for totalitarian dictatorship.  These sad and self obsessed cultists seem to have the upper hand in many respects as their devotees have multiplied, infiltrated positions in every cultural institution and turned those institutions into, if not full blown Temples of Darkness, at least into Chapels of Gloom and Shrines of Shadow.

For those of us who are lovers of of Constitutional Day and are paying attention, the spreading of the Marxist Shade is both distressing and frightening.  As awful as things are likely to get in the short term, however, we need not fear the ultimate triumph of the Shade.  For in the long run they cannot win, their victories are always temporary and ephemeral.

Because their whole agenda is based on what is not real, on the imaginary and false ideas of a failed faith, they cannot be sustained for any length of time.  However strong the Marxists may be, it costs more to maintain the illusion that their system is working than the system can produce.  Mass murder, terror, famine and failure cannot be papered over with slogans and lies no matter how brutally enforced; the truth will out.  When it does the whole rotten edifice comes tumbling down.

Regardless of the ignorance of the mass of brainwashed trolls and their commitment to believing the lies their foul faith propounds, they know this.  They know that they strive and lie and cheat and steal and kill for a prize that will turn to dust and ashes shortly after they have seized it.  We have seen this many times before, they are learning it anew in Venezuela today.  They know it, and the closer they advance toward their goal, the more afraid they become.  Apocalypse cometh.

The more afraid they become the more they project their fear on to us who oppose them.  The more vile and brutal and noisome they become, the more they accuse us of what they know themselves to be, that which they cannot admit consciously even to themselves.  They are the vanguard of disaster, the champions of catastrophe.

Their triumph, should Americans allow it to come, will be nasty, ugly, brutish and short.  Then America will, as have other failed Communist dictatorships before, revert to their natural national character; witness Russia, China, East Germany.  America will do the same, revert to our natural national character, which regards tyranny and collectivism as unmitigated evils to be shunned.

We will win, no matter what they do.  We will win.

Which does  not by any stretch of the imagination mean that we get to rest on our future laurels.  On the contrary, the battle is on now, our duty to further that victory is urgent and cannot wait.  These poor pages are offered in the hope of keeping the reader informed, focused and encouraged.  The harder we fight today the sooner that victory comes about, the less misery and horror we will have to endure.

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  1. Thank you. The Bezmenov video is a huge resource, and bookmarked, for future reference if you don’t mind.

    Found you by way of a post linking here from Belmont Club.

    I share your view of American character, and values, and post crisis resiliency.

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