The Once and Future Wannabe

The Party of Totalitarian Collectivism having spectacularly lost the 2016 election is in disarray.  They are starting to come out of denial and have entered the anger phase of the grieving process, which is where they spend most of their time anyway.  As the peaceful (for certain values of ‘peaceful’) transition of power approaches the Zero in Chief is doing all he can to sabotage his successor’s administration.  Not that he’s a sore loser, mind, he was a sore winner even when he was riding high.  He has indicated that he is not going to salvage whatever shreds of grace and dignity remain to him by riding off into the sunset.

Nope, not our Barry.  He’ll continue to bestride the stage of history!  The Darkworker will go back to his wheelhouse, community organizing.  He and his Commie buddies thought they had America wrapped up, needing only the palsied touch of HER! and her greasy successor Kaine to finish the job of irrevocably transforming the USA into a Socialist hell hole.  They don’t understand why the lost, but they do understand that whatever the cause it was not a failure of their fundamental Marxist vision.  They will keep the faith in their unholy creed.

So they will continue to prepare the ground to foment the Sacred Cause of Revolution.  We laughed when we called Obama the Community Organizer in Chief.  He wasn’t very good at that while in office, but then Marxists are a lot better at wrecking things than building them.  Marxists, and this applies especially to creatures like The ex-Won, are at their best when not in power.  Their real strength lies in being the opposition; Alinsky’s tactics are no good for governing, they are excellent for bringing governments down.

We can still easily lose this.  The Once and Future Wannabe is not going to go quietly into that goodnight, much as we would want him to.  Trump is, whatever his other virtues, not an anti-Communist.  He will, I’m sure, attack the symptoms of America’s malaise with varying degrees of success.  I doubt if he will clean ideological house.  That will be up to us.  It is our task to expose them, their vicious lies, their sordid corruption and their evil doctrines wherever they can be found, and they can be found everywhere, then hound them relentlessly until they haven’t a shred of respectability to hide behind.

That’s the bad news.  The good news is that we are surrounded.  Now we’ve got the poor bastards just where we want them.

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